What to Avoid in a Wedding Ring

So many articles are written on what makes a great wedding ring and how to go about choosing it. But that’s highlighting all the good points, and all the possibilities that can go right. But what about the pitfalls and things to avoid when choosing mens wedding rings?

Wedding Ring

Probably the biggest mistake that people can make when choosing a ring is that they buy something that’s just too cheap. If you are looking on popular e-marketplace sites, you really are asking for problems. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to sell old stock or stock of an unsatisfactory quality in order to move large volumes of merchandise very quickly. And then, down the track when the product fails, there is very little recourse for the purchaser.

But its certainly not limited to e-marketplace sites. If you visit a site and they’re selling “high quality Tungsten Carbide rings” for $20 per unit. You can bet your bottom dollar that high quality it is not! How can that be possible? Its quite sad when we see this poor behaviour going on because it taints the industry which becomes flooded with rubbish product!

Tungsten Carbide rings

Do your research and look at what the average price is from a variety of respected retailers. You’ll almost always get a better deal online as bricks and mortar jewellery stores simply cost more to run. Make your decision when you’ve looked at a variety of different sites and you have a good idea of the average price.

Another key point is choosing the correct material. There is no point choosing a soft metal if you are a labourer and you’ll be coming against abrasive surfaces every day! You really need to do some research on this fact to see if the material that you are about to choose will satisfy your needs. There is a great article here on whats the best metal for wedding rings. Not all metals are made equally and that translates to a big difference in the performance of materials when we use them for wedding rings.

or wedding rings

And finally, make sure you buy from a trusted retailer! Ask them lots of questions and see if they know what they’re talking about. If they avoid answering any particular question, then its not a good sign. It probably means either they have no idea or they know you wont like the answer. There should be a solid warranty and returns policy. And have a look and see if there are negative reviews online about them. You cant avoid that if your are a bad operator these days.

There’s a few idea’s to keep your mind ticking over to help you avoid getting burnt on your wedding ring purchase!