What does your shoe size say about you?

A person is, more often than not, judged by his shoes, whether it is coordinated with the outfit or whether it suits the person or whether its colour is okay. Shoe size is a little dicey in ladies fashion or for men; nobody prefers being labelled as the one with abnormal foot size, either too big or too small. However, there is no way to change your foot size without resorting to some pretty drastic measures (which we strongly advise you against). Every shoe size is perfect for the feet that adorn those shoes, find out what your shoe size reveals about your personality.

 5 or smaller

If your shoe size is 5 or below, you are very particular about everything. Be it finishing your work on time or having the perfect amount of sugar in your coffee or folding your laundry in the same way every day, you are what they call efficient. You like to follow your rules, and that sets you apart from the rest of them.

In between 6 and 7

If you wear shoes with the size of either 6 or 7, you most likely suffer from insecurity. There’s lack of self-awareness and self-confidence in you. You often fail to comprehend people’s reactions to your actions and end up feeling embarrassed, but you should know that you are way smarter than you think you are. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Look in the mirror and tell yourself what you’re worth, and you can beat ‘em all!

In between 8 and 9

If you wear shoes sized between 8 and 9, you often perceive yourself as an underachiever and feel that you’re being misunderstood by people, when actually you’re not. Everybody has their own share of bad days and good days, convince yourself to see the silver lining in things. You’re also perceived as someone with a certain ancient aura to them; your peers flock around you as if to soak some worldly wisdom from you. But you feel more at ease in older company. And that sometimes isolates you from your peer group.

Above size 10

Size 10 or more, you’re a leader. You have all the necessary managerial and organisational skills to be the leader amongst your peers. No matter what company you have, you gravitate towards taking the lead whether it is a friends’ meeting, or a school project or a friendly basketball match. You are very good at managing the position too, people around you love having you take the lead. Also, you don’t resent people wanting to compete with you or bring you down. After all, what’s life without a couple of challenges!

Ladies fashion shoe sizes have all been talked about here, see what your shoe size says about you and work on everything you think can help improve your communication skills and boost your self-confidence. Men too can relate to the above pronunciations on some level. When looking for the perfect shoe with the perfect size, online shoes provide the best match due to their diverse stocks. Especially mens shoes online have much-variedstocks and designs in all sizes than branded stores.