Wedding Hair Tricks Every Bride Needs to Know Before Her Big Day


You’ve chosen the dress, the cake, the venue, the photographer, and your décor, and next you need to decide on a hairstyle. The last thing you need on your wedding day is to have a bad hair day. When it comes to how you are going to do your hair on your big day, there are some guidelines you need to follow to guarantee that you don’t have frizzy, flat, or flyaway hair on your big day.

Before Your Big Day

The first thing you need to do is book a hair trial four to six weeks before your wedding day. Make sure that the appointment is long enough to try three different hairstyles, and bring your headpiece so that you can make sure that your hairstyle works with your headpiece.

Do some research on hairstyles that you like and bring in a couple of pictures to show your stylist. Explain to your stylist the style of your wedding and reception and show him or her a photo of your gown. Stylists work with different people all the time and will be able to give you some suggestions on what is going to harmonise with the overall feel of your wedding day. Keep an open mind and be willing to try what your stylist is suggesting; you might find yourself pleasantly surprised by how you look.

Bring a friend with you to snap pictures of your hairstyle options from every angle. This includes the front, back, profile, and even the top. You want to love the hairstyle from all angles since you are likely to have pictures taken from every angle.

If after your trial appointment you aren’t happy with any of the hairstyles, book another appointment. Any stylist doing bridal hair in Perth is going to be willing to work with you until you find a style that you love.

On Your Big Day

When it comes to booking your hair appointment on your big day, make sure that you book more time than you think you are going to need. You don’t want you or your bridesmaids to be late to your wedding because your hair took longer than you expected. It is much preferable that you and your bridesmaids be ready early and have time to relax before the wedding begins.

Wear a shirt that you can either unbutton or pull down to take off so you don’t have to lift anything up over your head after your hair is ready.

Finally, if there is something about your hair you don’t like on your wedding day, whether it’s a curl that’s not tight enough or hair that you think is sitting oddly, speak up and tell your hair stylist. He or she will be more than willing to fix it for you to make sure that you are completely happy.

Don’t settle for a hairstyle that you don’t love. You don’t want to look back at your wedding photos and wish you had gone with something else. Follow your instincts and get the hairstyle that feels right to you.