How to Dye and Care for Clip-In Hair Extensions

If you want to add volume and length to your hair but are put off by the high price of salon hair extensions, 100% Human Remy clip-ins are a great alternative.

The beauty of clip-in hair extensions is that they give you the opportunity to experiment with styles and colour without having to cut or colour your own hair.

How to dye your clip-in hair extensions

Most people have been told that it’s not wise to dye their hair extensions at home but it definitely is possible and can produce great results if done correctly.

Being able to dye your clip-in extensions at home means that you don’t need to buy new extensions in different tones every time you want to change your hair and you won’t need to spend money on more expensive extensions that need to be dyed at a salon.

Since clip-in extensions have the same pigments as natural hair, it’s easy to change their colour.

Along with an alcohol-based hair dye, you will also need gloves to protect your skin from the ink and any possible allergic reactions.

Following the instructions on the packaging, carefully dye your extensions, making sure to cover them accurately in order to achieve a consistent result. You will need to periodically lower the extensions into the alcohol as you paint them.

Caring for your coloured clip-in extensions

Jadore human hair extensions should be washed separately in a jar or bath instead of showering with them, as this can often be uncomfortable and cause you to damage your natural hair. Shampooing and rinsing the extensions separately will help maintain their structure, ensuring they last longer.

The best shampoos for clip-in extensions contain collagen and keratin as this will nourish and protect the extensions. You can also use a balm or mask on the extensions on occasion to help them last longer.

Rather stay away from products that are designed for oily hair. Instead, choose shampoos and conditioners for dry and damaged hair for the best results. If you will be using a mask, don’t leave it on for longer than 15 minutes, rinsing the extensions with warm water after use.

When washing your extensions, apply the shampoo carefully, washing the hair from top to bottom as if you are smoothing it.

Place the clip-in extensions on a horizontal surface to dry them. Distribute them evenly and leave them to dry for at least 5 hours but preferably overnight. Let the extensions dry naturally instead of using a dryer to try and speed things up.

Bonus tip: Do not attempt to brush or comb your extensions directly after washing them. Only once the extensions have dried naturally can you use a comb with wide teeth to brush them.

You can now curl your extensions if you don’t want to wear them straight. And if you want to straighten them again, just spray them with water and brush them out instead of applying heat to them.