Designing a Great Shirt to Sell

Selling shirts and other items of clothing can be a great way to raise funds for your club, organisation, or event budget. However, before you can sell these items, you have to design them. Some groups go with a fairly basic design while others commission artwork or even put photographs on the items. There’s more to designing a great shirt than simply adding some text to an image, though. Here are some tips for designing a shirt for your fundraiser.

Decide on the Shirt Colour First

The first thing to think about is the colour of the shirt you’re going to have the design printed on. This will help you determine what colours you should use in your design and for your font. If you’re using a black shirt, for example, you will definitely want to make sure your design has some bright colours in it so that it stands out. If you’re using a brightly coloured shirt, you want to be sure the colours in your design complement that colour.

Yes, you can always change the shirt colour later, but it helps to decide on a colour first since that will impact the design process. If you do that last, your design may have several colours in it and it is likely that one of them will clash with almost every shirt colour you want to use.

Determine How Much Text You Want on the Shirt

Deciding what text you want to have on your shirt will help decide what image, if any, you can include. If you’re hiring an artist or holding a contest, letting the artists know what text is required will also help them create a great design that either leaves space for that text or incorporates it into the image. It can make multiple types of apparel printing go more smoothly if the text and the image are done as one design or if the image leaves space for your text.

The amount of text you add greatly depends on what the shirt is for. If it’s a basic fundraising t-shirt for your organisation, all you might want is the organisation’s name on it. If it’s for a specific event, you might want the event name and the date or year. For something like a concert tour, though, you might want more text. Many of these tour shirts include all of the stops on the back, which often takes up the entire back of the shirt.

What Size Will the Image Be?

Another thing you will want to convey to any artist you have designing for your shirt is the size of the image. If it’s going on a pocket tee, do you want the image to fit on the pocket or should it avoid the pocket? Do you need an image that will fit across the entire back or front of the shirt? Will the image be on a zip-up shirt? These are all things that can impact how the image looks once it’s on the shirt, so be sure you’ve made these decisions before you have the artwork designed.