Monthly Archives: November 2014

  • Storing your Jewelry Pieces in the Right Way

    In order to ensure that your jewelry collection’s value is maintained, store them properly. Jewelry is made up of metals and stones in different hardness. Jewelry pieces will easily abrade, scratch and crack each other when your throw them together. Stone scratches can be difficult to repair or even impossible to repair. The most basic […]

  • Flaunt Your Love for My Little Pony by Donning Its Clothes

    Clothes are personal and highly individualistic in terms of design, patterns, shades, fits and styles. Each one of us has our own significant style that works for us in the way we like best. One of the most popular line of clothing comprises of those having sketches or pictures of popular cartoon show or TV […]

  • Fashion Tips That Every Woman Must Follow

    It is a well known fact that fashion is always connected to women more than men since decades. Every female of any age, group and country wants to look gorgeous in whatever she wears. Fashion is not limited to one place. It has broken all the boundaries and spread all over the world. Fashion keeps […]