Tips on Taking Care of Your Pearl Pendant

Pearl pendants make a valued possession in the jewelry collection of every woman. These pendants not only look glamorous but they also add an unmatched sophistication to the overall appearance, which makes them perfect to wear in any occasion.

However, if you own a pearl pendant, be it fresh water pearl or a Tahitian pendant you always need to take the best care for it to ensure that it is able to have the same look and glamour for long. The care tips of pearl pendants is not very extensive, rather they are pretty simply and just by following them you can ensure that your favorite pendant is in the best condition for your whole lifetime.

Pearl Pendant

  • Always put on your pendants of pearl only after you have completed the whole makeup and it has seeped into your skin. Any makeup product can be damaging for the pearls, so keep them away from these products.
  • Perfumes can damage the pearls permanently, so never make the mistake of spraying your perfume on the pendant. You also need to ensure that your hair sprays and setters do not touch the pendant.

Perfumes can damage

  • After you are back home make it a point to remove the pearl jewelries first. Clean any sweat or dirt stuck on the jewelry with the help of a moist cotton cloth that is soft. Do the cleaning with soft hands without rubbing the pearls hard. Storing your pendant of pearl without cleaning it properly can cause deterioration in the finish of the jewelry over time.
  • If you have used a moist cloth to clean the pendant, always let it dry naturally before storing it. Storing pearl jewelries with moisture on them can be damaging.
  • Never store your pearl jewelries along with other jewelries. Always use small cotton pouches for storing your pearl jewelries in the best way. Keeping the jewelry locked in a box is not suggested particularly for fresh pearl made pendants.

pearl made pendants

  • If possible, always opt to hang your pearl made pendants. Keeping them hanged will ensure that they are not scratched easily and it will also ensure that the metal string attached to the pearl is not damaged due to inappropriate folding.

Keep the above tips in mind and you are sure to add years to the life of your favorite pendant of pearl.