Items That Will Go a Long Way in Completing Your Wardrobe

Have you ever looked into your closet before going out on a date or attending a wedding? You’re little one is all set with the latest clothing from babies-r-us but you are continuously stumped when it comes to wardrobe logistics. Your closet filled to the brim with clothes but you find yourself feeling like you have nothing to wear. You think to yourself, “how could it be?” but simply nothing is calling out to you as a complete, put-together outfit. It may be that you are just missing few key components that tie together multiple types of outfits and truly help you make use of the countless blouses and pants hanging there collecting dust.

Let me give you a mental picture of a problematic closet: multiple pairs of blue jeans with no variation in color, an abundance sweaters but no jackets or coats, multiple casual boots and slip-on shoes but no wedges or flats. This is what my closet was like for years before I figured out what I was missing.

Jackets That are Versatile and Trendy

Jackets are truly key. When heading to an outdoor wedding or some occasion that doesn’t require a totally formal outfit but nicer than your go-to jeans jacket and rainbow sandals combo, your jacket choice can make or break it for you. For instance, I can vividly recall a wedding I went to with a cute navy blue, velvety dress with golden zipper pockets and a golden zipper on the back. I wore black tights in case it got cold out and needed to take a jacket and wear something other than heels because the ceremony was going to be on grass. The only jacket that went with my outfit was a black leather jacket but I felt uncomfortable incorporating so much black into my wedding outfit so I had to opt for my faded blue jeans jacket. Obviously, this dramatically changed the mood of my outfit, making it much more casual than I had intended. This experience inspired me to go out and find a jacket that was versatile and trendy. I ended up with a beige cashmere jacket that fits well with several dresses and that has come to my rescue in similar situations since.

Shoes That Will Save the Day, Time and Time Again

Let’s go back to that mental picture I drew up for you. At the bottom of that closet where my shoes were all lined up, I found nothing that would help my wedding outfit but a couple of brown boots, which, needless to say, did nothing for my choice of clothing. I had no choice but to attend this wedding wearing a great navy blue dress with great black tights, but in faded brown boots and a jeans jacket. At that moment, I realized that I really needed some wedges and wide heels for situations like those. And I was right. With some wedges or wide heels you can spruce up dresses instead of making them more casual with boots, flats, or sandals.