Hair Extension Tutorials Volume 1

If there is another thing that women always desired to have but cannot, that would be long and lustrous hair. First of all, growing hair takes time. It does not also mean that when you successfully grow your hair, it would feel and look like you have always wanted to. At some point, the hair will break or you will experience other issues that occur as you grow your hair. That’s the sad part about it. But it does not have to remain that way for long if you can simply use some hair extensions to achieve the hair style you have in mind.

But before you can reach the end result, you know that you need to know the proper way of using and attaching hair extensions first. Ready yourself in front of the vanity mirror! It’s time to make that celebrity in you with a simple addition of hair extensions! Let this hair extension tutorial guide and do the trick for you!

Hair Extension Tutorials

Your Hair Extension How-To Tutorial

Before laying out the step by step actions to take, make sure first that you are buying natural hair extensions. It should match your hair color or at least choose one that is as close to the color of your hair. To make things easier for you, choose hair extension sets that have sewn clips onto its wefts. This way, you can easily use the extension at home.

Hair Extension

The Application

  • Start by clipping your hair up except that thin stretch of hair present at your neck’s nape.
  • Using the teasing brush’s tip, create a section near or below your crown. Back-comb the roots lightly using the brush’s bristles. This will give the clips something to hold onto once you start applying the extension.
  • Take your hair extension with a clip. Begin attaching the clips at the center, and clip down them into your head’s crown.
  • Stretch the hair extension to your right side then cli-in the right clip. Follow the same steps, but this time stretch your extension to your left and clip-in the left clip. Once done, make sure to clip the bottom clips securely at the base.

clipping your hair

  • Afterwards, you can just release your hair’s top section which you clipped up. Let the top section of your hair hang over the clipped extension.
  • Brush your hair and the extension together using your fingers to integrate the two.
  • For the last step, make sure to give your hair a loose once-over using a wide-barreled curling iron. The advantage of doing this is to provide texture and movement to your hair. Doing this is also advantageous for it helps the extension to bind with your natural hair and blend them together for a natural flow.
  • You have the option to give your hair some light dusting using hairspray if you want. After that, you are done!

sexy hair

That’s how you can easily add extension to your hair. This is also how easy you can achieve that voluminous and sexy hair! It won’t even take you more than 10 minutes to achieve the hair style you want to have with your hair extension.